Cultural Awareness / Diversity

Service Learning & Volunteering



Webster Athens is committed to serving the community in which we live. By working with community members, students enhance their group, organizational and interpersonal skills as well as developing their civic engagement skills. Students also gain important experience working with diverse members of the community.

Through our "Community Service Program" and "Community Service Learning Course" we offer students not only the opportunity to volunteer with various NGO's in Greece, but to earn university credit while doing so.

We encourage students to get involved with community and service projects such as:

  • Bi-annual food and supply drive for refugees

    Annual blood drive

    Annual "Walk for the Cure" for breast cancer

    Beach cleaning around the sea turtle rescue center Archelon

    World Clean Day - cleaning around the Acropolis

    Assisting the Hellenic Relief Foundation (helping to put together bags of supplies and groceries for needy Greek families)

    Holiday party for refugee children

    Participating in the annual Webster Works Worldwide day