Study Abroad at Webster Athens


Vitrual Odyssey

Our unique study abroad programs are designed to afford college students a rich cultural experience in the birthplace of Western civilization and democracy while taking accredited, upper-level courses in their chosen fields of study.

Students study alongside Greek and other international students, a feature which distinguishes our programs from other study abroad programs and facilitates the process of cultural integration.

The study abroad programs are based in the facilities of Webster Athens in the heart of downtown Athens, footsteps away from Plaka, the historic section of Athens at the foothills of Acropolis. Two buildings house classrooms, a student center, library, computer lab, and administrative offices. With its extraordinary artistic, intellectual and cultural heritage, Athens is richly endowed with resources for formal study and experiential learning. The museums of the Acropolis and the ancient Agora, as well as the National Archeological Museum, the Cycladic Museum, and the Benaki Collections are within minutes of the facilities of Webster Athens. Cultural events including concerts, recitals, dance and theatre, as well as international trade shows, conferences and symposia, public lectures, gallery exhibits, sports events and marathons, are an integral part of life in this bustling, cosmopolitan city at the confluence of Europe, Asia and Africa.