Webster / AHEPA-Journey to Greece


"2020 Webster / AHEPA-Journey to Greece" Program & Application

June 20 - July 17, 2020

Webster Athens and the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) have a long standing relationship through their joint study abroad program AHEPA-Journey to Greece, which is specifically designed to help students of Hellenic descent travel to Greece in order to recognize, embrace and come to understand their Hellenic heritage and to establish a Hellenic identity.   In order to obtain these objectives students learn the language, culture and history of Greece while earning up to 6 college credits. 

jtgFrom the onset of AHEPA-Journey to Greece in 2006 it has been extremely successful and rated highly as being an outstanding program both academically and programmatically.

The program offers students the opportunity to enroll in exciting courses, travel to various parts of Greece, explore archaeological sites and museums and partake in specially arranged cultural and political visits. Not only do the students gain from an academic perspective but they also make lifelong friendships and more importantly strengthen their ties with their Hellenic roots.


AHEPA-Journey to Greece 2020 Pamphlet


For more information contact:

Tom Mazarakis

Tom Mazarakis
AHEPA-Journey to Greece Coordinator
Tel: +30 211 990 5305